Alice in Wonderland film review

Alice in Wonderland (2010) is a fantasy adventure film written by Linda Woolverton and directed by Tim Burton. Although, Alice in Wonderland (2010) is among the million adapted versions of Lewis Carroll’s’ 1856 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Tim Burton uses Character Generator Imaginary (CGI) through the incorporation of 19th century European art aesthetics to make the film have a universal appeal (Elliotte, 2010).

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Alice in Wonderland (2010) set in the Victorian era looks at how 19-year-old Alice Kingsleigh’s quest for knowledge, independence and self-awareness helps her break through the traditional norms of the Victorian society. The film stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsleigh, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen (Harrison, 2002).


The cover of the film Alice in Wonderland

Trapped in a world were traditional gender norms dominate society, Alice strives to forge towards discovering her identity. Alice Kingsleigh gets invited to a tea party which eventually turns out to be a surprise marriage proposal to Hamish (Leo Bill) and before she can give her answer, Alice sees a rabbit with a waistcoat and rushes creature because it is not something that is common. Alice follows the rabbit and ends up falling into a hole leading her to a place called Underland where she encounters creatures and situations beyond imagination and are impossible in the real world. In Wonderland Alice meets species that talk and behave human such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cheshire the cat and Absalom the caterpillar (IMDb 2010).

The film shows the social expectation of women during the Victorian era as well as the social norms that determined women’s status in society because women were expected to be submissive to men. However, Alice’s rebellious and active character not only gives her courage to slay the Jabberwocky in Wonderland but also gives her courage, to challenge the norms of society when confronts her family about the idea of marriage. The fact that Alice is able to slay the Jabberwocky blurs the line between traditional female roles and separates her from the rest of the typical Victorian Woman.


I give Alice in Wonderland (2010) a 6/10 rating because it is interesting and anyone can watch it. It is also funny and there are a lot of themes within the film that still apply to today’s’ world especially issues to deal with gender. Furthermore, Tim Burton’s use of dark lighting of Alice’s journey in Underland, the costumes of character in Underland such as the big head of the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter’s hat are important components that make the film interesting. Not only do the costumes make the audiences laugh but they also show Alice finally realizes that the creatures in Wonderland are nothing but a pack if cards and everyone in her fantasy world is mad (Elliotte, 2010).

Through her experience in Wonderland, she gains valor to cope with the rules of society and gets better at managing the situations around her.


Women should inhale confidence and exhale doubt

Marilyn Monroe once said, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much more to smile about. Today’s post is aimed at encouraging every woman out there to stay strong and fight for their dreams.

we can all play a role in empowering women

No one should ever tell you that you cannot be anything because you are a woman. God blessed us all with different talents that we can use to our advantage. Do not always depend on men to do things for you because you are capable of doing it yourself, just believe in who you are.

Chase your dreams because all it takes is determination. The stones people throw at you help you get ready for what lies ahead. As women  we need to help one another by working together to empower each other women out there. For many years, women have been deprived of many things in society such as education, the right to vote and as a result condemned to a life of isolation. However, the road to success is not an easy one but you can get there.

Those in urban areas have learned the value of education and being independent, but what about our sisters in rural areas who have never stepped a foot in school and do not know  nor understand the value of school. What can we do to help them, what form of help could we offer to those that have already fallen. It starts with you and me. Our dreams are not the same but we can help each other attain those dreams.

There are various ways we can empower women such as creating safe places where women can talk with each other concerning issues such as  gender equity, women’s rights and health. We can also teach our fellow sisters how to read simple things such as road signs, as well as numbers on the phone. We can also teach them how to use facilities such as internet and computers.

because we are strong

Women can also be encouraged to take training programs to help them generate skills that can help them gain a source of income rather than relying on men. This would help them start their own business and  while joining savings cooperative to teach them how to serve money and grow their business. This helps boosts and build self-esteem and confidence among women as it helps them to become more comfortable speaking in front of groups and sharing opinions as well as being independent .

Finally empowering women helps build networks such as social networks which can ensure women have support from other women while opening greater opportunities to effect change in their communities. The networks would encourage women to talk about their problems knowing that they are not alone. The women can be free to talk about domestic violence, reproductive health or family planning, and that they are inspired to help other women in their community by sharing the knowledge they have learned about these topics.


In the city of Gold with my golden ladies.

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Dear university life,

It is not always that I have to spend my time studying right! As much as I want to get those distinctions, I’m allowed to have fun to some extent. That is precisely what I had decided to do with my friends over the weekend.

As a student in a foreign country, it is not easy to adapt to a new environment but I decided the time had come for me to step out of my comfort zone. With that said, off to Gold Reef City my friends and I went.

We left on Saturday morning and although there was slight rain, that did not stop us from having fun and going on all those rides. I was particularly excited (and at the same time incredibly nervous – but don’t tell anyone) about going on the Anaconda. What a ride! Fear Factor 101!

The first ride we went on was The Dream Boat and although I have a fear for heights, I said to myself, “What the heck and could be the worst that could happen to me?”. This is me trying my hand at being fearless. The ride was electric, it swayed from left to right, almost as though it was reaching for the heavens. At one particular point it got so high that we were COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN! I thought my stomach would fall out my gaping wide mouth screaming with both excitement and utter fear!

Thereafter, we went to the “Miners Revenge”, and wouldn’t you know it? I wasn’t the weakling! My best friend, Felicia was! She vomited like a dam that had burst (eww!)! My fear subdued and I was overwhelmed by an uncontrollable laughter. Even forgetting that I was afraid. That’s why she’s my best friend; she helps me to overcome obstacles even without her knowing it.

My weekend was not a spectacular one at first, in considering the rain and my dread for the rides that all wanted to push me further out of my comfort zone, but it took a nice turn around. Johannesburg and it’s cute Gold Reef City was actually not bad at all. It also helps that I have amazing golden ladies to gallivant the Golden City with.