The importance of Human Rights

Today I am going to talk about Human Rights violation in the world and the importance of respecting and protecting the rights of people. Human Rights are important for a stable global community and as a result people should be protected against vices such as human trafficking, sexual abuse and torture. When we look at today’s world, children and women are the most victims of human Rights violation due to the idea that they cannot protect themselves from their predictors (Aljazeera, 2016). However, this is does not mean men’s are also not violated because as Nelson Mandela once said, to deny people their rights is to challenge their humanity. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every human being to respect and treat one another with the same kind of love and respect they would want to be given.

I bet most of you agree with me that in any democratic country, people should be given the right to choose a leader of their own choice and should not be beaten not punished for sharing different views from those in power. After all no cause should justify the abuse of human rights.

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The attention given to Human Rights is based on the idea that Human Rights should exist beyond the determination of specific societies and as a result Human Rights set universal standards that are used to judge societies. Human Rights also provide acceptable bench marks on which individuals or governments from one part of the world may criticize the norms followed by other governments or cultures (Gummow, 2013).

The violence against women constitutes of violence found within the household  which may include, marital rape or rape within a relationship were both partners don’t share  the same views. In addition to this other sexual abuse include sexual harassment at work, trafficking in women and girls with intention of fulfilling sexual needs are urges. With this regard women or young girls are forced exploitation, forced prostitution, abortion of female fetuses and infanticide of baby girls, traditional practices harmful to women such as genital mutilation, forced or too early marriage, widow burning, honour killing, acid attacks, stoning, war rape, and other.



Indeed African women have endured it all

Watching 12 Years a Slave always brings tears into my eyes especially when I see how African-American black women were mistreated at the hands of their slave masters and wives. Besides the fact the women were often reduced to being domestic workers, the one thing that bothers me is the fact that the women were used as objects to satisfy their masters’ sexual desires and hence became victims of sexual abuse. The abuse caused from rape did not lead to physical damage but also lead to psychological and emotional damage. Imagine yourself, sister, mother or daughter being raped countless times by man who cannot even let you take a bath.

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Through the movie 12 Years a Slave, we also see how African-American women were confronted with harsh realities of being separated from their children. The struggle of being separated from your children can lead to depression because once your children are separated from you, you would never see them again nor know whether they are still alive or not. The African American black women lost children at the hands of the white slave traders that disregarded the rights and feelings of slave mothers.


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The movie shows us a grieving female slave named Eliza who is forcibly separated from her two young children and because she is a slave she does not have the capacity and means to fight nor protect the children. The result of the separation is grief, sadness and depression because there is no one to fight for her.

The slave owner’s exploitation of the black woman’s sexuality in the film 12 Years a Slave shows how the experience of slavery for black male slaves differed from the females because black women became victims of sexual abuse. The fact that the white slave owners had the power and authority over slaves meant that the slave master could what the slave masters wanted including turning black women into objects of to satisfy the sexual needs. Therefore, black women were continuously raped due to the inability of the slave husband and males to protect the women from such violation.