Ready for success, the gateway to the world

Am i ready for the world? i would say no, am i ready to graduate? yes i am. Today is the last day i blog before i take on the journey that will determine whether i graduate or not and to be honest, i am scared. However, you have to stay positive and continue pushing, after all that is what life is about right!.

Even though they say third year is the easiest, “uhmmm” trust me, its not cause it almost broke me down but hey, that is the beauty of university. Whoever told you university is easy because you have all the freedom in the world lied. You wanna know why? because they did not say that the freedom you get comes at a price. While university is all fun and games, it also teaches you that no matter how much fun you have, you have to know when school means school.

Next week  i start my exams and i hope for the best because i have come this far not to give up now and as my headline says, ” Ready for success, the gateway to the world”, Yep i am ready for the world but i hope everyone makes it. Four modules and i feel like am writing eight, but its all going to be worth it one day and that is no lie.But the important thing is to believe that there is good in the world and do not let the world dictate what you can do and cannot do.