Women’s strength is written in their DNA

Your mother gave birth to you, your mother fed you and ensured that you never went to bed on an empty stomach, your mother cried with you when your friends made fun of you and your mother still believes in you even when the world wants to hold you down.

But why are women still victimized in society, why are they not appreciated for the efforts and struggles they go through just to make us flourish because trust me, unless you have given birth before, you will never understand what labour feels like. Everyday in the news, a woman is raped or a woman is murdered, and this makes you wonder why humanity is so cruel to women (Economic Development, 2016)

We must appreciate our women everyday. Picture obtained from Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

South Africa’s women’s month is aimed at appreciating the efforts our women make, it is not easy to be a woman. It is not easy to be underestimated cause of the stereotypes that shape what is considered acceptable and not acceptable for women to do. I challenge everyone to take a stance and start appreciating women from now own. Our women include mother, aunties, sisters, nieces and daughters. If you know the value of women then share this post in appreciation of women’s month.


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