Let us see what the future of Zambia holds

Today Zambians had the opportunity to cast their votes for a leader they want, but the question that still remains is that will the elected president bring the change the people of Zambia have been longing for since 1964 when Zambia got its independence. Furthermore, will the elections be free and fair. So far Zambia has been blessed with six presidents who did what they could what ever they could to get Zambia where it is today.

Poverty continues to affect a number of women Photography by Mulumbwa Luchen

All Zambians want is a leader that make the country flourish and bring development because Zambia is blessed with so many resources however, corruption and mismanagement of these resources has made Zambia remain poor. Personally even though i did not cast my vote as i am not in Zambia, i share the same views with my fellow countrymen: which is that i want a leader that will bring development.

Let us be honest and analyse the cost of living in Zambia especially with the kwacha that cannot compete with other currencies making it lose value in the international market. The effect of this is that things have become expensive to import and as a result most people that relayed on importing clothes and food cannot do it that anymore because the kwacha does not have much value. One would agree that the most affected are the farmers that rely on farming to feed their families but with the drought and the number of people expected to go hungry are many.

I wish Zambia all the best and hope the Zambians made the right choice today.


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