Women’s strength is written in their DNA

Your mother gave birth to you, your mother fed you and ensured that you never went to bed on an empty stomach, your mother cried with you when your friends made fun of you and your mother still believes in you even when the world wants to hold you down.

But why are women still victimized in society, why are they not appreciated for the efforts and struggles they go through just to make us flourish because trust me, unless you have given birth before, you will never understand what labour feels like. Everyday in the news, a woman is raped or a woman is murdered, and this makes you wonder why humanity is so cruel to women (Economic Development, 2016)

We must appreciate our women everyday. Picture obtained from Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

South Africa’s women’s month is aimed at appreciating the efforts our women make, it is not easy to be a woman. It is not easy to be underestimated cause of the stereotypes that shape what is considered acceptable and not acceptable for women to do. I challenge everyone to take a stance and start appreciating women from now own. Our women include mother, aunties, sisters, nieces and daughters. If you know the value of women then share this post in appreciation of women’s month.


Tribalism blinds the soul

Finally the president has been announced but one thing that keeps bothering me is the idea of tribalism in Zambia and the extent at which it has divided the people of Zambia. Truth be told the just ended elections were driven by tribalism and not free and fair election nor democracy.

Most of the people that voted;  voted on the basis of “ because he is Bemba, Nyanja or Tonga ” and not on the quality of leadership and prosperity. But the question is why have Zambians let tribalism divide them to an extent of hating each other and insulting each other (The Daily Nation, 2016). According to David Mitchell, in the cycle of tribalism, the ignorance of the others engenders fear; fear engenders hatred; hatred engenders violence and violence engenders further violence until the only laws and rights are whatever is willed by the most powerful. This quotes is very true in relation with what is happening in Zambia. Firstly people some people do not want to accept the results and this has led to violence with people attacking one another on social media as well as physically (The Daily Nation, 2016).

Kabwata Brother Production-YouTube

Tribalism has made people hate each other so bad that some of them forget that their relatives, mothers, wives and spouses come from other tribes and they have lived together without questioning which tribe one comes from. One would conclude that the people of Zambia do not change and as a result, they would rather vote for a person because of the tribe than because the person has what the capacity to led the country (Lusaka Voice, 2016).

it is through tribalism that people end up getting divided. Picture obtained from Gado.com

To some extent Zambia’s democracy has gone so done that the idea of freedom does not reflect itself in Zambia. What has destroyed this country is not wanting to give other people chances show us what they offer us. Today people were  celebrating the victory of the 6th President his Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu and their is nothing wrong with that because at the end of the day, he is the president of Zambia but the problem is that tribalism has been used to divide people. Despite the failing prices, hunger and load shedding, people are now fighting each other (The Daily Nation, 2016).

I would encourage every one of my fellow Zambians to stop acts of tribalism on each other because the true cause of tribalism is faith which is an outward expression of the ancient instinct of tribalism.

Let us see what the future of Zambia holds

Today Zambians had the opportunity to cast their votes for a leader they want, but the question that still remains is that will the elected president bring the change the people of Zambia have been longing for since 1964 when Zambia got its independence. Furthermore, will the elections be free and fair. So far Zambia has been blessed with six presidents who did what they could what ever they could to get Zambia where it is today.

Poverty continues to affect a number of women Photography by Mulumbwa Luchen

All Zambians want is a leader that make the country flourish and bring development because Zambia is blessed with so many resources however, corruption and mismanagement of these resources has made Zambia remain poor. Personally even though i did not cast my vote as i am not in Zambia, i share the same views with my fellow countrymen: which is that i want a leader that will bring development.

Let us be honest and analyse the cost of living in Zambia especially with the kwacha that cannot compete with other currencies making it lose value in the international market. The effect of this is that things have become expensive to import and as a result most people that relayed on importing clothes and food cannot do it that anymore because the kwacha does not have much value. One would agree that the most affected are the farmers that rely on farming to feed their families but with the drought and the number of people expected to go hungry are many.

I wish Zambia all the best and hope the Zambians made the right choice today.

Indeed African women have endured it all

Watching 12 Years a Slave always brings tears into my eyes especially when I see how African-American black women were mistreated at the hands of their slave masters and wives. Besides the fact the women were often reduced to being domestic workers, the one thing that bothers me is the fact that the women were used as objects to satisfy their masters’ sexual desires and hence became victims of sexual abuse. The abuse caused from rape did not lead to physical damage but also lead to psychological and emotional damage. Imagine yourself, sister, mother or daughter being raped countless times by man who cannot even let you take a bath.

12-years-580-patsey.jpeg                                                                         Photograph Obtained from Google.com

Through the movie 12 Years a Slave, we also see how African-American women were confronted with harsh realities of being separated from their children. The struggle of being separated from your children can lead to depression because once your children are separated from you, you would never see them again nor know whether they are still alive or not. The African American black women lost children at the hands of the white slave traders that disregarded the rights and feelings of slave mothers.


                                                      Photograph Obtained from Google.com

The movie shows us a grieving female slave named Eliza who is forcibly separated from her two young children and because she is a slave she does not have the capacity and means to fight nor protect the children. The result of the separation is grief, sadness and depression because there is no one to fight for her.

The slave owner’s exploitation of the black woman’s sexuality in the film 12 Years a Slave shows how the experience of slavery for black male slaves differed from the females because black women became victims of sexual abuse. The fact that the white slave owners had the power and authority over slaves meant that the slave master could what the slave masters wanted including turning black women into objects of to satisfy the sexual needs. Therefore, black women were continuously raped due to the inability of the slave husband and males to protect the women from such violation.