Hold on my dear God knows what he is doing

Today’s post is based on God’s undying love for mankind and particularly me. I am a living testimony of what God’s love is and i will continue praising him. I am going to share what happened to me this past semester which almost made me give up on God’s presence in my life.  Someone i cared so much hurt me so bad that it almost made me give up on myself because the pain seemed unbearable. This person betrayed my trust to the point where whenever i saw him, my heart was filled with so much anger and hate for having hurt me without having the guts to even say sorry.

But do you know the beauty of God and his love for me, he allowed me to feel the pain because am human, he allowed me to cry and feel sad because he wanted to let me know that even though i was going through what i was going through, he never left my site. The truth be told, i hated the person for betraying me because i believed i was a good person that did not deserve to be hurt. However, God works in mysterious ways and with prayer and listening to his word, God came  through for me and helped me forgive the person with all my heart because he made me realize that the only way to move on is through forgiveness.

God knows the plans he has for all of us and although we might disobey him and do things our on way, when ever we find ourselves in problems, he will never leave our side. He loves us and wants us to come to him as his children. People will always hurt us even when we are good but whenever we are hurting, he hurts with us and cries with us. This  whole world will try to hold you down but God is the greater i am so trust in him and everything will be fine.


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