We are the youth and we must rise

During election campaigns, we see different political parties making empty promises about how they will empower the youth once elected. However, the moment the parties are elected into power, the youth are back to square one, suffering and fending for themselves while trying to make ends meet.

Why can’t we as youths come together and say no to parties trying to use us to do their dirty jobs such as beating and killing innocent people for believing in different political parties. This is because at the end of the day, we are the ones that lose the most because the people we fight for have better lives than us while we continue remaining in poverty.

Let us be sincere and analyse the cost of living in Zambia because there a lot of us with good results who want to go university but we cannot due to lack of finances. Those we elect for a better tomorrow once in power tend to not think about us and forget their campaign promises. The youths face a lot of challenges such as lack of employment as well as good tertiary education and we all know people that have good academic results and deserve to be at university but because of corruption and lack of finances these people cannot get the education they deserve. Therefore with corruption in our midst, it is hard to get into university if you do not have any connections.

It is no lie that we need jobs; we need better education facilities as well as a flexible economy but the question that remains is that how can we improve when we keep electing people that do not consider our needs when elected into power. At the moment life is so hard that bread has become expensive for households to buy due to the unstableness of the kwacha and the economy. What does this mean for us the youth and where do we stand in fighting for a better tomorrow.

We have seen how the two prominent universities in Zambia have had riots for a long period of time due to poor management of resources, delayed meal allowances and harsh living conditions. My advice to my fellow youth is that we should unite, vote wisely because the decision we make on the 11th of August will have an impact for the next five years till we vote again. Let us analyse our leaders and see if they can really deliver the promises they claim they will bring. Zambia is a beautiful country so let us work together to make it better. We are the youth and we must rise.


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