Political violence undermining freedom of expression in Zambia

The recent political violence in Zambia undermines the freedom and democracy that our fore fathers strongly fought for. Cadres from different political parties are fighting each other on an everyday basis and beating each other and killing for having affiliated with different party presidents. What does this mean for democracy and Zambia as a whole that was once known as a peaceful country? These days one cannot walk freely while wearing a UPND or PF symbol without being beaten, harassed or killed.

The political violence happening should be stopped and people should instead come together and cooperate in order to find solutions to the current economic situation affecting the economy. For instance food prices have gone up, civil servants are not getting paid in time, health facilities are difficult to access especially in rural areas and farmers are not getting their input in time. The effect of the economic crisis is that more people will continue experiencing more poverty in a country were still struggle to afford basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Since when did Zambia become a violent country, since when did people have to beat each other to prove their loyalty to a political party. Everyday social media and the news are broadcast the blood shed that is perpetrating the ten provinces of Zambia instead of broadcasting the problems that the people of Zambia are going through.  Each political party is blaming the other for what is happening rather than taking responsibility for their cadre’s actions. One would say there is a breakdown of order and lawlessness in this beloved country but let’s wait for August 11 and see scopes the seat and becomes Zambia’s eights president.

The Human Rights of people are not considered because huge sums of money are spent on elections and by-elections instead of diverting that money into developing the country. How is it possible that there is not money to pay civil servants in time but there is money to print ballot papers and campaigns? These are the things that people of Zambia need to ask instead of killing each other for affiliating with the ruling party or the opposition.  Your vote is your secret and no one should force you to vote for someone you do not believe in because voting is your right.


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