Hold on my dear God knows what he is doing

Today’s post is based on God’s undying love for mankind and particularly me. I am a living testimony of what God’s love is and i will continue praising him. I am going to share what happened to me this past semester which almost made me give up on God’s presence in my life.  Someone i cared so much hurt me so bad that it almost made me give up on myself because the pain seemed unbearable. This person betrayed my trust to the point where whenever i saw him, my heart was filled with so much anger and hate for having hurt me without having the guts to even say sorry.

But do you know the beauty of God and his love for me, he allowed me to feel the pain because am human, he allowed me to cry and feel sad because he wanted to let me know that even though i was going through what i was going through, he never left my site. The truth be told, i hated the person for betraying me because i believed i was a good person that did not deserve to be hurt. However, God works in mysterious ways and with prayer and listening to his word, God came  through for me and helped me forgive the person with all my heart because he made me realize that the only way to move on is through forgiveness.

God knows the plans he has for all of us and although we might disobey him and do things our on way, when ever we find ourselves in problems, he will never leave our side. He loves us and wants us to come to him as his children. People will always hurt us even when we are good but whenever we are hurting, he hurts with us and cries with us. This  whole world will try to hold you down but God is the greater i am so trust in him and everything will be fine.


Preserving cultural identity through African fashion

It is essential for cultures to preserve their cultural identity because the traditional values on which cultures are founded are easily identified by the pace at which the cultures acknowledge and accept modernisation. Today, the media plays an important role in reinforcing the bond between western clothing and African clothing while encouraging African countries to preserve their cultural identity.

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Therefore, the African fashion industry helps cultures celebrate their culture because the traditional attires from the different African country each emphasize the beauty that exists within their cultures. The clothes are unique because the clothes contain mixture of both western and African texture to make the clothes fashionable and appealing. Although, the outfits contain western style the clothes enable people identify with their cultures while making fashion statements. The choice of colour and how the clothes are designed carry purpose and meaning such as status, wealth, tribe and ethnicity. For instance, the clothes that Nigerian wear is different from South African traditional attire but they all carry the same idea which is representing their cultures.

Despite Africa been among the seven developing economies in the world the African style industry has not received as much attention and required and although the African fashion industry now enjoys the presence of the media, governments are doing little to support the industry and as a result the African fashion industry could be considered funded by the private sector.  The idea that African designers are making it on the international market is a sign that the world is actually acknowledging the importance of African fashion while attracting investors.

We are the youth and we must rise

During election campaigns, we see different political parties making empty promises about how they will empower the youth once elected. However, the moment the parties are elected into power, the youth are back to square one, suffering and fending for themselves while trying to make ends meet.

Why can’t we as youths come together and say no to parties trying to use us to do their dirty jobs such as beating and killing innocent people for believing in different political parties. This is because at the end of the day, we are the ones that lose the most because the people we fight for have better lives than us while we continue remaining in poverty.

Let us be sincere and analyse the cost of living in Zambia because there a lot of us with good results who want to go university but we cannot due to lack of finances. Those we elect for a better tomorrow once in power tend to not think about us and forget their campaign promises. The youths face a lot of challenges such as lack of employment as well as good tertiary education and we all know people that have good academic results and deserve to be at university but because of corruption and lack of finances these people cannot get the education they deserve. Therefore with corruption in our midst, it is hard to get into university if you do not have any connections.

It is no lie that we need jobs; we need better education facilities as well as a flexible economy but the question that remains is that how can we improve when we keep electing people that do not consider our needs when elected into power. At the moment life is so hard that bread has become expensive for households to buy due to the unstableness of the kwacha and the economy. What does this mean for us the youth and where do we stand in fighting for a better tomorrow.

We have seen how the two prominent universities in Zambia have had riots for a long period of time due to poor management of resources, delayed meal allowances and harsh living conditions. My advice to my fellow youth is that we should unite, vote wisely because the decision we make on the 11th of August will have an impact for the next five years till we vote again. Let us analyse our leaders and see if they can really deliver the promises they claim they will bring. Zambia is a beautiful country so let us work together to make it better. We are the youth and we must rise.

Economic hardships will continue as long as Zambians do not unite

Each day that goes by, the cost of living in Zambia keeps getting hard such that basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing prices keep going up. The once beautiful peaceful country is now filled with bloodshed. Most people earn between k1500-2500 a month and this salary has to be divided between food, clothing and housing. Furthermore, there are also school fees involved, electricity as well as water bills. People have now opted to use charcoal for cooking because electricity is expensive, however, this causes deforestation.

People keep cutting trees in Manyoonyo Mazabuka while causing deforestation. Photograph By Mulumbwa Luchen

The cost of renting a decent house costs about k1500-2500 which is someone’s salary. Furthermore, there are also medical bills involved because most government hospitals do not have the required equipment as well as personnel to conduct Gastric Bypass surgery on obese patients for instance. The patients are forced to see medical attention in other countries such as India and South Africa and such surgeries require huge sums of money, not only for hospital expenses but also traveling expenses as well as accommodation, transport, to and from the airport to the hospital.

People prefer using a charcoal than paying for electricity. Photograph By Mulumbwa Luchen

However, in the midst of all these economic problems, most people seem to overlook the hardships they encounter and find themselves fighting each other over who belongs to which party and who supports the opposition. The, news yesterday broadcasted the death of a United Party for National Development member who was shot for attending a UPND rally. The woman lost her life and the most loss that will be felt comes from the bereaving family because once the elections end, she will only be remembered as a person that lost her life due to political violence. Why can’t people see that political violence does not only hurt but also destroys peace and unity. We are one Zambia one nation and it is in times like this that people unite in order to choose a president that will help alleviate poverty, hunger, health problems and bring development. Whether PF or UPND, no one has the right to victimize the other and force him/she to vote for a president they do not believe in.

We fight each other for belonging to different political parties but at the end of the day, the people we fight for go back to their comfortable places while we continue staying in poverty. It is time to condemn political violence and stop the bloodshed of innocent people.

Political violence undermining freedom of expression in Zambia

The recent political violence in Zambia undermines the freedom and democracy that our fore fathers strongly fought for. Cadres from different political parties are fighting each other on an everyday basis and beating each other and killing for having affiliated with different party presidents. What does this mean for democracy and Zambia as a whole that was once known as a peaceful country? These days one cannot walk freely while wearing a UPND or PF symbol without being beaten, harassed or killed.

The political violence happening should be stopped and people should instead come together and cooperate in order to find solutions to the current economic situation affecting the economy. For instance food prices have gone up, civil servants are not getting paid in time, health facilities are difficult to access especially in rural areas and farmers are not getting their input in time. The effect of the economic crisis is that more people will continue experiencing more poverty in a country were still struggle to afford basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Since when did Zambia become a violent country, since when did people have to beat each other to prove their loyalty to a political party. Everyday social media and the news are broadcast the blood shed that is perpetrating the ten provinces of Zambia instead of broadcasting the problems that the people of Zambia are going through.  Each political party is blaming the other for what is happening rather than taking responsibility for their cadre’s actions. One would say there is a breakdown of order and lawlessness in this beloved country but let’s wait for August 11 and see scopes the seat and becomes Zambia’s eights president.

The Human Rights of people are not considered because huge sums of money are spent on elections and by-elections instead of diverting that money into developing the country. How is it possible that there is not money to pay civil servants in time but there is money to print ballot papers and campaigns? These are the things that people of Zambia need to ask instead of killing each other for affiliating with the ruling party or the opposition.  Your vote is your secret and no one should force you to vote for someone you do not believe in because voting is your right.