Stop expecting loyalty from people who cannot even give you honesty

Take it from me, stop trying to maintain what God is trying to remove. Some dead relationships do not need you forcing them to work, why? because the more you try to make them work, the more you end up hurting yourself.

Letting go of the things that cause us pain is not easy but trusting in God for a better tomorrow is worth it.Holding on to your exes or anyone you were once romantically involved with is never a good idea when you decide to move on with your life. Furthermore do not ruin your present blessing because you left the door open to someone that God removed. You can be kind without making your heart vulnerable because the most important thing is to make peace with your past and move forward because the people that hurt you are in the past for a reason.

Even though you ended up in a relationship you knew God did not want you in, God heard you cry to be free from that bondage. God is going to restore everything you wasted when you invested your heart and time into something wrong. I am talking from experience and i understand how painful it is to let go of that one person you once thought you would spend the rest of your life with.

It is true pain hurts and it can make you act like another person. it makes you question too many things and makes you trust less and push people that truly mean well in your life. But it is during these times that we should always go back to our heavenly father and as for guidance. Happiness happens when you let go of whats gone and be grateful for what is there and look forward to whats coming in the future. Like they say what does not kill you only makes you stronger, everyone is strong in their own unique way.

According to Steve Maraboli, letting go is never easy as there is no shortcut or trick to it. However, you must be committed enough to your future in order to let go of the past. It is never easy and and it is likely to hut but it is for the best. Be thankful to those that did you wrong but pray for them because they unknowingly made you strong.

I will advice everyone out there that no matter how badly someone treats you, never drop down to their level. Remain calm, stay strong and walk away.


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