Let haters hate

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we all have to pay attention to social Media

The world is not always as it seems and the truth of the matter is that no matter how good of a person you are, there are people around you who will never appreciate the efforts you make. You might help someone and feel like posting it on Facebook to encourage other people to do the same but your haters on Facebook will criticize your actions.

The Urban dictionary defines a Facebook hater as a person that is always on Facebook and is constantly commenting and liking everybody else’s posts and photos, but refuses to do the same to yours. The hater refuses to like any nice pictures or status you post because they do not simply like you. This is considered a hater both on Facebook and real life.

Haters have two faults in their reasoning called pride and fragility because the haters yearn to be superior above other people both on social media and real life. Bearing this in mind, haters use social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to hurt other people’s feelings. Thus, through online papers that permit users to post remarks after every article, haters exploit open online venues to post hostile racist remarks.

Furthermore, haters also use video-sharing sites such as YouTube and MySpace Video to advance declaration and sneering material that could disrupt peace and lead to violence. However, you do not have to take everything personal because Facebook has a lot of people that suffer from low self-esteem such that they take pleasure in making other people feel bad.

The comments do hurt, but you can just read them and take them to heart because the chances of those people knowing you are rare.Just smile or reply with a “Lol” and if you feel the comments are too much, simply block the person.

Social media is meant to bring people together, connect with your loved one and learn to live a life you will always live to remember. Let love lead and let the haters hate, after all hating is for immature people. Yes people are entailed to their opinion but not when that opinion ends up hurting another person.



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