“Blessers” Must Fall

Why are people glorifying the idea about “blessers” and “blessees” when there is nothing fancy about sleeping around for money.  Why are the so called blessers becoming a trend not only on social media but also the media. What is so special that young girls now prefer to have a blesser in their life than a stable relationship founded on love?

Well the answer is simple, blessers are filthy rich men that can provide you with all the material possessions you can ever dream. The blessers can buy you clothes ranging from brands such as Guess, Dior, Versace and Valentino just to mention a few. Furthermore the blessers can also take you overseas for weekend holidays to places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are hot destinations. Therefore, when you date a sugar daddy, your life becomes blessed because you now become financially stable.

Looking beautiful is nice but why not work hard for yourself

Although blessers provide financial support and the luxurious life one could possibly dream about quick money comes at a price. Despite the fact the media and social media are promoting this idea, it is important to understand the dangers of having blessers. It is important to educate young girls on the risks of blessers so that blessers fall.

What insurance do you have that you are the only girl your blesser is dating? This is because as long as he has that money, he can go for any other girl he wants and treat her the way he treats you. He can buy the other girl the same iPhone he bought you. Therefore, the chances of contract sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and even AIDS are equally high. So what is the point of selling the body God gave you for Mac make up?

Similarly you could get addicted to your sugar daddy and how he treats such that you end up catching feelings when all he is interested in is using you to satisfy his needs. These blessers clearly know how to keep you captive for their sexual gains. Your blesser will bless you with all the great things money can buy while diverting your education focus. Ladies why not focus on finishing your high school and then getting that degree so that you can yourself the things knowing that you worked hard for them. After all there is no sweet without sweat or finishing right.

It is no lie that HIV/AIDS is a silent killer and you can have it without even knowing it. Play it safe ladies

Additionally it is ungodly to engage in sexual relations outside marriage. So it is wrong to engage in sexual relations outside marriage on the grounds that clearly you are not wedded to the blesser. This is because the blesser confers infidelity whenever he engages in sexual relations with you. This again is against the ethical standards of the Christians. You will end up pregnant and what guarantee will you have that he is interested in marrying you.

Therefore, as a young lady with a whole life ahead of you, you are just squandering your time. This is because your blesser takes your study time, your venture time and even time you could use in finding a potential date who can be your future spouse. What makes you think he can leave his wife if he is married because of you when he can get all he wants by telling you he will buy you the latest BMW?

Lastly most blessers are married and have children, so would conscious be fine knowing that you are the reason his children do not have food to eat because he is spoiling you. Would you be happy if that was your father hurting your mother you’re your siblings?. You should think about such things before you decide to take on a blesser. Learn to have empathy and put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Can we stop glorifying this trend

If he gets a divorce because of you, would you be to live with yourself knowing that other people’s suffering is because of you. The money is good but why not work hard for it yourself and be proud to say you own something because you worked for it.

My fellow ladies, I believe in you because good things come to those that hustle but don’t hustle by selling you body. Hustle with your brain, integrity and honesty. 


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