Women should inhale confidence and exhale doubt

Marilyn Monroe once said, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much more to smile about. Today’s post is aimed at encouraging every woman out there to stay strong and fight for their dreams.

we can all play a role in empowering women

No one should ever tell you that you cannot be anything because you are a woman. God blessed us all with different talents that we can use to our advantage. Do not always depend on men to do things for you because you are capable of doing it yourself, just believe in who you are.

Chase your dreams because all it takes is determination. The stones people throw at you help you get ready for what lies ahead. As women  we need to help one another by working together to empower each other women out there. For many years, women have been deprived of many things in society such as education, the right to vote and as a result condemned to a life of isolation. However, the road to success is not an easy one but you can get there.

Those in urban areas have learned the value of education and being independent, but what about our sisters in rural areas who have never stepped a foot in school and do not know  nor understand the value of school. What can we do to help them, what form of help could we offer to those that have already fallen. It starts with you and me. Our dreams are not the same but we can help each other attain those dreams.

There are various ways we can empower women such as creating safe places where women can talk with each other concerning issues such as  gender equity, women’s rights and health. We can also teach our fellow sisters how to read simple things such as road signs, as well as numbers on the phone. We can also teach them how to use facilities such as internet and computers.

because we are strong

Women can also be encouraged to take training programs to help them generate skills that can help them gain a source of income rather than relying on men. This would help them start their own business and  while joining savings cooperative to teach them how to serve money and grow their business. This helps boosts and build self-esteem and confidence among women as it helps them to become more comfortable speaking in front of groups and sharing opinions as well as being independent .

Finally empowering women helps build networks such as social networks which can ensure women have support from other women while opening greater opportunities to effect change in their communities. The networks would encourage women to talk about their problems knowing that they are not alone. The women can be free to talk about domestic violence, reproductive health or family planning, and that they are inspired to help other women in their community by sharing the knowledge they have learned about these topics.



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