Let us save planet earth

Global warming is genuine and is created by human action through the blazing of fossil fills that pump carbon dioxide and methane and into the climate. In this way, worldwide environmental change does influence individuals as well as the earth we live in. Thus, a dangerous atmospheric deviation has crushing outcomes on the planet and we have to do everything we can to attempt and spare our valuable planet.

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Worldwide environmental change does affect the biological systems as well as economies and groups. Subsequently because of expanding temperature, a few regions on the planet encounter more warmth, flooding, dry season and serious summer while different districts stay cooler or more frosty. It is subsequently imperative for individuals to think about worldwide environmental change so they can take activities to decrease the nursery gas emanations that are creating environmental change and spare planet earth.

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Since environmental change is as of now taking its toll on the planet, Farmers should be outfitted with all the data accessible to empower them get ready for environmental change by planting crops amid various times of the year, or by planting trims that can survive better in hot and dry conditions.

Similarly heat waves, air pollution, and diseases are all linked to climate such that they could threaten people’s health in many areas of the world.  People who are poor, very young and elderly, or disabled, or those who live in coastal areas or big cities are mostly at risk.

Individuals with asthma are for the most part defenseless because of certain air contamination like ozone which can make asthma and other lung conditions more terrible. Ozone discovered high in the air is called “great ozone” since it shields life on Earth from the sun’s hurtful bright beams. Ozone can likewise be discovered near the surface of the Earth, where it is viewed as “terrible ozone” since it’s the principle element of exhaust cloud and is unsafe for individuals to relax. Awful ozone is made from toxins that experience substance responses in the air. Environmental change is prone to expand the measure of awful ozone noticeable all around in light of the fact that more ozone is made when the temperature is warm.

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Climate change might allow some infectious diseases to spread. As winter temperatures increase, ticks and mosquitoes that carry diseases can survive longer throughout the year and expand their ranges, putting more people at risk. One big concern is malaria, a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes in many hot, humid parts of the world

Backwoods give homes to numerous sorts of plants and creatures. They likewise ensure water quality, offer open doors for diversion, and furnish individuals with wood. Backwoods are touchy to numerous impacts of environmental change, including moving climate designs, dry spell, out of control fires, and the spread of bugs like the mountain pine insect. Not at all like a few creatures, trees can’t simply get up and move when the temperature gets excessively hot or different conditions change.

Rapidly spreading fires are as of now normal in the timberland and fields of the western United States. As the Earth gets hotter and dry seasons build, out of control fires are required to happen all the more regularly and be more dangerous. Fierce blazes do happen actually, however the to a great degree dry conditions coming about because of dry seasons permit flames to begin all the more effortlessly, spread speedier, and smolder longer. Actually, if the Earth gets only 3.6°F hotter, we can expect rapidly spreading fires in the western United States to smolder four times more land than they do now. Flames don’t simply change the scene; they additionally undermine individuals’ homes and lives.

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As the atmosphere keeps on changing, individuals will need to get ready for the danger of expanding fierce blazes by turning out to be more mindful of the peril, taking additional safety measures to counteract fires, not working in flame inclined territories, and being prepared to oversee fires when they do happen.

Environmental change is influencing where, when, and how much water is accessible for individuals to utilize. Numerous parts of the world as of now have almost no water, and environmental change could aggravate this issue. Rising temperatures, changing precipitation designs, and expanding dry seasons will influence the measure of water in lakes, waterways, and streams, and in addition the measure of water that saturates the ground to recharge ground water.

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As environmental change proceeds with, individuals may need to get ready for water deficiencies by utilizing less water. Numerous spots depend on snow melt to fill the lakes, waterways, and streams that continue drinking water supplies full and give water to inundate crops.


Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa


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The presence of the digital divide due to poor infrastructure as well as lack of skilled personal undermines economic and social growth in various aspects of society. This is because only a limited number of people have access to technology while other people struggle on the bare edge of survival. Therefore, the absence of information makes it difficult for developing countries to share valuable information with their loved ones as well as their business partners globally.

The digital divide which is a gap between people or communities that have access to Information Communication Technologies systems (ICTs) and those that do not have continues to be a challenge in Africa. The gap is not only determined by the lack of Internet facilities but also technologies that society can use to revolutionise their lives.

There are various causes of the digital divide that range from differences in income as well as low literacy levels. People with low income have less access to the Internet because of other responsibilities such as providing food, shelter clothing for their families. In countries with high levels of poverty and unemployment internet access is less likely to be their major concern. However, expanding computer availability as well as internet access in Africa would help increase access to broadband networks and thereby help reduce the digital divide.

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Bridging the gap in Africa has been an on-going challenge for African governments for many years now. However, due to scarce resources, the governments have not made much progress as Internet access is only one aspect among other factors. The quality of connection and the availability of Information Communications Technologies access at affordable cost are among the most discussed issues by both African governments and their global partners.

Economic growth through the development of information infrastructure and active use would be considered a shortcut to economic growth for African countries because Information technologies tend to be associated with productivity. This is because latest technologies systems such as laptops, smart phones and camera may give industries certain competitive advantages. The idea that Information and communication technologies are vital to civic life is not new because the Internet and other ICTs play a role in transforming society, improving people’s mutual understanding and eliminating power differences.

Access to the Internet is a basic component of civil life that developed countries aim to guarantee for their citizens. Cell phones are often considered important for security purposes, health, criminal, and other forms of emergencies that might emerge. Furthermore, much of the information on people’s career and safety are increasingly provided via the Internet.

As technology becomes affordable and internet access becomes abundant the digital divide between rich and poor still remains. This is because the rich and educated have the financial capacities to access good digital resource well as advancements in technology. However, for the poor members of society with no source of income purchasing Internet Technology (IT) equipment is too expensive. Thus, the rich get richer due to their advantage of internet information and reaping the rewards of e-commerce and e-business, while the poorer members remain poorer.

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In addition to this the digital divide also has an impact on education. For children coming from low-income homes and school districts, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the tech skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy.The internet is growing at a significant rate and many companies are moving their activities onto the internet, and new businesses are being developed that operate purely on the internet.  There is a vast amount of information available on the net and social networking sites allow friends and family to keep in touch.

Bridging the digital divide through providing the accessibility of internet in rural areas would be a test of the digital divide. This is because there are different ways to eliminate the digital divide such as the use of Power lines and satellite communications. These types of equipment’s provide possibilities of universal access to the Internet such that telephone lines will not limit access. Furthermore, lower access prices are also required to bridge the ICT divide in order to promote global access to the internet.

Telephone systems are also important elements such that governments implement policies to offer affordable telephone service although some countries lack sufficient telephone lines.


Women should inhale confidence and exhale doubt

Marilyn Monroe once said, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much more to smile about. Today’s post is aimed at encouraging every woman out there to stay strong and fight for their dreams.

we can all play a role in empowering women

No one should ever tell you that you cannot be anything because you are a woman. God blessed us all with different talents that we can use to our advantage. Do not always depend on men to do things for you because you are capable of doing it yourself, just believe in who you are.

Chase your dreams because all it takes is determination. The stones people throw at you help you get ready for what lies ahead. As women  we need to help one another by working together to empower each other women out there. For many years, women have been deprived of many things in society such as education, the right to vote and as a result condemned to a life of isolation. However, the road to success is not an easy one but you can get there.

Those in urban areas have learned the value of education and being independent, but what about our sisters in rural areas who have never stepped a foot in school and do not know  nor understand the value of school. What can we do to help them, what form of help could we offer to those that have already fallen. It starts with you and me. Our dreams are not the same but we can help each other attain those dreams.

There are various ways we can empower women such as creating safe places where women can talk with each other concerning issues such as  gender equity, women’s rights and health. We can also teach our fellow sisters how to read simple things such as road signs, as well as numbers on the phone. We can also teach them how to use facilities such as internet and computers.

because we are strong

Women can also be encouraged to take training programs to help them generate skills that can help them gain a source of income rather than relying on men. This would help them start their own business and  while joining savings cooperative to teach them how to serve money and grow their business. This helps boosts and build self-esteem and confidence among women as it helps them to become more comfortable speaking in front of groups and sharing opinions as well as being independent .

Finally empowering women helps build networks such as social networks which can ensure women have support from other women while opening greater opportunities to effect change in their communities. The networks would encourage women to talk about their problems knowing that they are not alone. The women can be free to talk about domestic violence, reproductive health or family planning, and that they are inspired to help other women in their community by sharing the knowledge they have learned about these topics.


Being large is not a marker of good health

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Obesity a health condition associated with having excess abnormal body fat continues to rise due to increased poor eating habits and preference to junk food in Zambia.The health condition caused by overeating, lack of physical activity and the consumption of food that is high in cholesterol results in a number of health consequences such as hypertension, stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes just to mention a few.

For developing countries like Zambia with low income levels and resources, urbanisation and poverty have played a significant role in shaping the eating habits people particularly those that move from rural areas to urban areas. For instance the idea of being big (fat) is regarded as a sign of living a financially sound status and as a result people prefer western diets to traditional food.

Furthermore, marginalisation between the poor and the rich in society has also influenced the eating habits of people. Therefore, for the less privileged with no knowledge on the health risks caused by fast foods, fast foods such as chicken and chips, pizza and KFC are perceived as meals for the elite.

Secondly, fast foods are also perceived to taste better and are more conventional compared to traditional food such as kapenta, luyuni and nshima that are rich in protein and good for the health.

However, the health sector does not have adequate capacity and facilities to treat the growing number of people suffering from obesity and other various conditions associated with being overweight. The health sector does not have gastric bypass surgery facilities that operate on the obese and as a result people have to go over seize to receive medical attention.

Fast Food
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Furthermore, people that suffer from non-communicable diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and cardiovascular related diseases. Patients that are diagnosed with heart failure have to travel to South Africa or India to get treatment as the main hospitals in the country do not have the resources to treat such conditions. The costs involved in seeking medical attention are expensive for the less privileged no financial means.

The available heath care resources are limited to addressing primary health care needs and infectious diseases. Therefore the health care needs include treating and fight diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria HIV/AIDS and polio which are priority diseases for both the World Health Organisation and government (WHO).

In addition to this, fighting poverty and under nutrition among children has also contributed to the rise of obesity as the center of attention for the government and various organisations has been finding solutions to poverty and under nutrition.This is because poverty and under nutrition results in poor educational performance which in turn leads to lower adult wages and loss of productivity capacity.

Due to the negligence of the government on the topic of obesity, there has been scanty information provided to raise public awareness on obesity as well as educational programs on its risks. As a result, the lack of awareness provided to the public has over-shadowed the growing challenge of overweight and obesity in adults.

According to a survey conducted by STEPS in 2009 on cholesterol and obesity levels in Zambia, the results showed that 14.7% of men and 21.5% of women were affected by high cholesterol in fats. On the other hand, obesity levels were at 7% to 19% for men and 21.3% to 40% for women.The survey also discovered that the lack of gastric bypass surgery facilities that operate on the obese has also contributed to the increased levels in the country as some people that are morbidly obese cannot manage physical activity and gastric bypass surgery is the only option.

In addition to this obesity levels are more common in urban areas than rural areas. This is because people from rural areas are self-reliant with regards to food and as a result prefer traditional diets. The traditional food eaten by people in rural areas includes chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves) and fruits. However, once these people shift to urban areas, they begin practicing western diets and therefore shift from the production of their own food to the purchase of processed food.

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According to another study conducted by the Copperbelt University School of Medicine  on obesity levels among urban residents in Lusaka, the results showed that obesity levels were at 14.2% with 5.1% in males and 18.6% in females. The levels had increased due to the consumption of alcohol by both men and women. The alcohol consumed contains enormous amounts of sugars such that if no physical activity is done to burn the fat the sugar is turned into fat which accumulates the body.

Therefore, public health intervention by the health sector is important to prevent obesity. Through the creation if public policies that promote the availability and accessibility of a variety of low fat foods that are high in fibre, obesity can be conquered.  The introduction of weight loss programs such as zumba should also be promoted to encourage physical activity and fitness.

The government should take initiative and modify the agricultural systems that promote the production of healthy nutritious food for the nation. That way the health disaster of obesity can be done with and people can live healthy lives.