Why is poverty the worst form of violence in Zambia


stock of maize in a rural area called Chikumba southern province zambia. Picture by Mulumbwa Luchen

Why is Zambia’s wealth unequally distributed among the wealthy, the middle-class and the poor. Why is there such a gap between those that can afford basic needs and those that cannot?. These are the questions that should be answered in order to find lasting solutions to such economic issues.

Despite the fact that Zambia is a land locked country surrounded by eight neighbouring countries, the country holds 6% of the world’s copper reserves making it the fourth largest copper producing country in the world. However, the causes of poverty in mother Zambia are many and can be divided between the internal factors and external factors.

Internal factors include diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and Malaria. Furthermore, high inequality between women and men in various aspects of society continue to undermine the country’s ability for development. In addition to this, gender based violence and early marriages also play a role in causing poverty because most women are condemned to a life of thinking they cannot do what men do and do not have the power to enforce change. Nevertheless, with proper planning and awareness the country can be able to control these internal these factors. However, external factors are much harder to combat because social deprivation makes the poor vulnerable to external factors such as natural calamities caused by drought. The combined effects of poverty and HIV/AIDS condemn Zambia to a large population  with food shortage.

poverty is real. photograph obtained from google. com

Therefore, the external factors cannot be controlled by the government nor the country itself as these factors are caused by for instance climate change. The effect of climate change is that other parts of the country experience drought while other experience extreme floods. The agriculture sector  continues to play an important role in Zambia because most families depend on it as a source of their income. With the recent dry weather and lack of rain the country is likely to experience drought and hunger in many parts of the country.


The effect of this drought is that most people that depend on agriculture will not be able to have food, take their children to school as well as other needs that people are required to have. The economic crisis at the moment continues to take a toll on the economy as food prices have gone up, there high levels of unemployment as well as lack of enough maize to feed the country. The government officials, civil society organisations and the donor community are placing the blame for the country’s increasing poverty largely on poor political and economic governance as well as corruption.


In the city of Gold with my golden ladies.

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Dear university life,

It is not always that I have to spend my time studying right! As much as I want to get those distinctions, I’m allowed to have fun to some extent. That is precisely what I had decided to do with my friends over the weekend.

As a student in a foreign country, it is not easy to adapt to a new environment but I decided the time had come for me to step out of my comfort zone. With that said, off to Gold Reef City my friends and I went.

We left on Saturday morning and although there was slight rain, that did not stop us from having fun and going on all those rides. I was particularly excited (and at the same time incredibly nervous – but don’t tell anyone) about going on the Anaconda. What a ride! Fear Factor 101!

The first ride we went on was The Dream Boat and although I have a fear for heights, I said to myself, “What the heck and could be the worst that could happen to me?”. This is me trying my hand at being fearless. The ride was electric, it swayed from left to right, almost as though it was reaching for the heavens. At one particular point it got so high that we were COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN! I thought my stomach would fall out my gaping wide mouth screaming with both excitement and utter fear!

Thereafter, we went to the “Miners Revenge”, and wouldn’t you know it? I wasn’t the weakling! My best friend, Felicia was! She vomited like a dam that had burst (eww!)! My fear subdued and I was overwhelmed by an uncontrollable laughter. Even forgetting that I was afraid. That’s why she’s my best friend; she helps me to overcome obstacles even without her knowing it.

My weekend was not a spectacular one at first, in considering the rain and my dread for the rides that all wanted to push me further out of my comfort zone, but it took a nice turn around. Johannesburg and it’s cute Gold Reef City was actually not bad at all. It also helps that I have amazing golden ladies to gallivant the Golden City with.